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Toyota Corolla Owners Manual: Delete personal data

1 Select “Delete Personal Data” on the “General Settings” screen.

2 Select “Delete”.

Check carefully beforehand, as data cannot be retrieved once deleted.

3 A confirmation screen will be displayed. Select “Yes”.

The following personal data will be deleted or changed to its default settings.

• General settings
• Audio settings
• Phone settings

Screen for general settings
1 Press the “SETUP” button. 2 Select “General” on the “Setup” screen. 1 “English”, “Français” or “Español” can be selected. 2 On/off can be selected to sound beeps. 3 Select to chang ...

Audio settings
Settings are available for adjusting the radio operation, cover art, etc. Screen for audio settings 1 Press the “SETUP” button. 2 Select “Audio” on the “Setup” screen. 1Number of Radio Presets Sel ...

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Throttle body assy
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