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BMW 5 Series 2016-2023 Owners Manual: Roof-mounted luggage rack

General information

Roof racks are available as special accessories.

Roof drip rail with flaps

The fixing points are located in the roof drip rail

The fixing points are located in the roof drip rail above the doors.

Fold the cover outward.


Follow the installation instructions of the roof rack.

Be sure that adequate clearance is maintained for tilting and opening the glass sunroof.

Magnetic roof-mounted luggage racks

Because of the aluminum roof, magnetic roofmounted luggage racks cannot be used.


Because roof-mounted luggage racks raise the vehicle's center of gravity when loaded, they have a major effect on vehicle handling and steering response.

Therefore, note the following when loading and driving:

Driving on racetracks

Higher mechanical and thermal loads during racetrack operation lead to increased wear. This wear is not covered by the warranty. The vehicle is not designed for use in motor sports competition.

Braking safely
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Saving fuel

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