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BMW 5 Series 2016-2022 Owners Manual: Camera perspective


  1. Function bar
  2. Selection window
  3. Side view
  4. Automatic camera perspective
  5. Movable camera perspective
  6. Camera image
  7. Rearview camera

Selection window

The individual camera perspectives can be selected in the selection window via iDrive.

Side view

The side view can be selected for the right or left vehicle side.

This view helps when positioning the vehicle at the curb or with other obstacles on the side by displaying the side surroundings.

The side view looks from rear to front and in case of danger, focuses automatically on possible obstacles.

Automatic camera perspective

The automatic camera perspective shows a steering-dependent view in the respective driving direction.

This perspective adapts to the respective driving situation.

As soon as obstacles are detected, the view changes to a fixed display of the area in front or at the rear behind the bumper or, if necessary, changes to a side view.

When reverse gear is engaged, the automatic camera perspective is closed and the system uses a fixed perspective of the rearview camera.

If necessary, manually select the automatic camera perspective when reverse gear is engaged.

The automatic camera perspective will be retained for the current parking maneuver.

Movable camera perspective

With selection of the movable camera perspective, a circle appears on the Control Display.

By turning the Controller or via touch function, specified perspectives on the circle can be selected.

The current perspective is marked with a camera symbol.

With BMW Gesture Control: the movable camera perspective can be moved around the circle using BMW Gesture Control.

To leave the circle, move the Controller sideways and press or tap the active camera symbol via the touchscreen.

Rearview camera

This view shows the picture of the rearview camera.

Function bar

Assistance functions can be activated via the function bar and settings applied.

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